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The importance of medical tourism even during the pandemic.

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The importance of medical tourism to people’s healthcare even during the pandemic.

We all finding ways to survive and to potentially even improve our lives during the unprecedented pandemic that the world is struggling with. Many people forget that, illnesses, both chronic and unexpected do not wait. Consequentially, many individuals around the globe need to make difficult choices about provisioning of their healthcare.

Medical tourism was an accepted reality in pre-Covid-19 world of healthcare, however, although the pandemic has decimated the industry, the demand for high quality and affordable treatment continues persistent as recently profiled in New York Times.

Although the key issues brought over by pandemic such as fear of flying, travel restrictions and testing requirements are part of the new “normal”, it actually has a “silver” lining, as only the countries and/or providers who offer the highest and stringiest forms of testing facilities, appropriate clinical protocols, outstanding facilities and expert staff would survive the pandemic, thus benefiting the patients. We firmly believe that affordable surgery alone is not enough to satisfy client’s needs and expectations, but rather in conjunction with the highest quality of medical services as well as assuring comfortable and accommodating surroundings. We don’t just partner with few centers solely based on financial considerations but ultimately base our recommendations on each individual’s clinical needs. To maintain this flexibility, we, when appropriate, refer clients to US centers of excellence, while at the same time maintain financial saving normally reserved for overseas locations.

Although medical tourism has changed and will continue to change, it remains viable and appropriate solutions in many situations. Consequentially, it is our strong belief that with stringent, scientifically based and situation appropriate precautions and arrangements, currently and into the future, it can be appropriate to travel for medical care. Please consider your options carefully and contact qualified experts to avail yourself of accurate information, to be able to make an informed decision.

By utilizing Evonym’s medical tourism program, healthcare clients and their families can utilize a global network of medical experts and to make wise clinical and financial decisions.

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