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The importance of financial oversight when faced with modern healthcare system.

Medical Bill Negotiation

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The importance of financial oversight when faced with modern healthcare system.

The importance of having financial oversight when facing medical treatment can’t be underestimated. Prudent financial management of healthcare situations along with regularly exercised second opinion and having patient’s advocate are cornerstones of stable and good health.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s recent study, uninsured and under-insured patients, on average, pay over four (4) times what an insurance company reimburses the provider for the same service. In addition, among insured population , 63% report utilizing most of their savings, while 42% needed to take on extra jobs to keep up with the bills (

Further, additional very substantial costs are derived from billing errors and other factors that are part of many of individual’s medical bills. Medical claims can be difficult and overwhelming to handle. Even for uncomplicated treatment, an average patient gets seven invoices from different providers, while the continuously increasing cost makes the care unaffordable for many people. For these and many other reasons, it is vital to have an independent expert to guide patients and families through the complex journey.

If you or your loved one is suffering from medical condition and experience financial difficulties as the result, our experienced clinical and financial analysts can help. We offer comprehensive services to assist you in reviewing your current financial situation, existing insurance coverage, prospective expenses, and possible resolution. Utilizing our services can often result in significant savings to the client’s healthcare direct expenses.

We also offer additional specialized services to Insurance companies, Law Firms, TPA’s, Self-Insured Groups and Governmental Agencies. Please contact us for additional details.

By utilizing Evonym’s medical financial analysis experts, healthcare clients and their families can improve their health and life both in the present and making good decisions for medical financial wellness into the future.

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