Medical Tourism Medical Bill Negotiator - Evonym

Evonym is proud to offer patient advocacy, medical tourism and medical bill negotiation services. We offer client’s tailored, intelligent options to the most complex health problems, please contact us directly for customized solutions to your situation, if you don’t find the exact match below.

  • Patient’s Advocacy – Comprehensive, individually-tailored professional guidance through client’s healthcare journey
  • Financial Analysis, Medical Claims Management – Financial Analysis, Medical Claims Management- Comprehensive assistance with medical bills, medical bills negotiator services and financial issues related to healthcare
  • Medical Tourism-Comprehensive service allowing for multi-directional global medical tourism.
  • Concierge Health Services- Comprehensive service encompassing all aspects of healthcare delivery
  • Medical Services Management – Comprehensive professional assistance with all aspects of complex medical cases
  • Catastrophic Case Management – Comprehensive professional assistance with all aspects of catastrophic, life-threatening condition
  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation- Comprehensive service allowing for global evacuation and subsequent clinical treatment
  • Global Second Opinion –Comprehensive expert second opinion services primarily for patients facing life-threatening and life-changing diagnoses.
  • Corporate and Employee Global Health Program- Customized services adding value to your organization.
  • Strategic Business Initiatives- We welcome your inquiry to explore potential mutual collaboration.