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Most marketplaces thrive with transparency and competition, and we believe that a lack of transparency in medical care can often result in higher prices. The majority of time the cost of medical care is determined after the care is rendered, and patients/clients  can’tnegotiate prices  afterwards . We believe that the only solution is to get the price in advance, and shop for care based on value in medicine.

Most people search for value when spending money.  This means getting the quality that you want at a fair price.  When a firm needs equipment, they determine what they need, then invite suppliers to bid.  When  house needs renovating, at least three  good contractors are asked to submit a bid.  We bring this approach to finding quality medical care.

Many economists consider an auction to be the purest form of the real economy at work,  andEvonym is offering it with its auction platform.  With its auction format, Evonym makes the provider-patient relationship a win-win, with providers optimizing their capacity, profit and flexibility, and patients getting the best combination of price and quality.

The following are the key principles that relate to all our auctions:

  • Quality is paramount consideration for any selected providers and is NEVER compromised. Each provider/facility is independentlyvetted, all their credentials/certifications are confirmed.
  • Access. Patient/clients have the ultimate final decision as to the provider/facility they would like to have their services at, whether it happens to be in their neighborhood or across the world.
  • Transparency. All details , whether final pricing, qualification of the provider or any other key considerations are always shared with patients/clients
  • Equitable pricing. Since when utilizing Evonym’s auction the price is agreed upon in advance, such is lower than the post services bill and patients/clients have control of the financial aspect of their clinical services.

We also offer specialized custom-tailored programs to  private physicians, employers, large facilities and third-party administrators (TPA). Please contact us for details to discuss your unique needs.

If you would like to be an intelligent consumer and pay equitable fee for your medical procedure, please register for your free Evonym account and place your first bid.

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